Cartoonist, Illustrator, Art Student.

First Year Sheridan Animation

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    My title card for Digital Tools, feat. sparkly self portrait duo.

    Various doodles from the past 2 weeks or so.


    Quick self portrait for Sheridan Weekly of me and the babes

    Hey guys, I’m pleased to announce that McGooen and myself have opened our store! Sad you missed us at Anime North? Do not despair!

    *—-> http://onechrispy.storenvy.com <—-*

    There you can buy our posters, keychains, bags, zines, all of the good stuff. Stock levels for the posters are quite random, depending on how many we have left over from this con season, so get them while you can! 

    Some more JoJos! Available as keychain designs in the shop 

    Secret Feeling zines are now back in stock and available in my store !

    Images for my new JoJo’s Bizarre Keychains available in my storenvy! Made for APOP, they may also be available at FanExpo this year! More JoJos to come…!

    Custom Keychain Commissions are available too, you can shoot me an email at onechrispy@gmail.com if you’re interested.

    Atomic Lollipop Con Log 2014

    First time tabling at Atomic Lollipop this year, at the Ontario Science centre with MGabric ! It was pretty neat doing a smaller local con, and getting a chance to go around and talk with all the artists and friends.

    AND ALL MY LOOT, WHOA. Actually having time to print trade was GREAT. I basically raided shingalas and 6-heures table for all of their JoJo stuff YES YES. A bunch of prints from IkkorosJubopy, Piksyop, KataNics, Deshi Deng, Matsuyama Takeshi, Meep, and a super cute trash tote from Michysoong. SO MUCH ART, VERY HAPPY.

    Saw some cute cosplay and had a pretty nice time! See you at Fanexpo maybe???

    PS. I’ve also updated my storenvy with the Smile & Lovely Bones tote bags, and will be adding more prints/Keychains shortly!

    Hey Future Fish! Hey Hey Hey!

    8.5” x 11” print available at Atomic Lollipop this weekend, July 11-13th, and maybe FanExpo?! And in my storenvy !