Canadian, art student, fangirl. This is my blog.
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    Gonna save the world with the power of friendship and beating the crap out of people! Yeah!

    First of my prints for Anime North!

    Manjaro aka Fake!Zoro for Viruul’s One Piece Collab.

    Smile and Lovely Bones bag set, based on the idea of matryoshka nesting dolls, made with canvas material. Smile measures 7”x10.5”, and Lovely Bones is 6”x9”.

    These bags are currently for sale, in total there are 8 pairs of Smile and Bones available, $30CAD for both of them. If you are interested, send me an ask or you can email me at onechrispy(at)gmail(dot)com

    Some rough illustrations for an upcoming “Secret Feelings” zine.

    Boy you’ve got my heart beat beating away.

    Lino cut group collab print done with a letterpress. My primary section was the top right square.

    "Whatever" print series for Printmaking class. Made with the plate lithography technique. I’m also using this image for a secret current project…!


    Ink and Watercolour on wood, project for my 3D sculpture class done in the fall of 2013. The assignment was to use wood, and any methods we liked to make a 3D piece.

    Murder mysteries are so fun!

         Progess Meme 2013….! Whoa, uh, so much has happened this year. Ups and downs, moving around, laughter and Jojo. A lot. Of. Things. I did a lot more digital, started lineless art, bought my first copics, and opened up a new Deviantart account, too.

        This year is gonna blow 2013 out of the water. SO MANY THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN, I CAN JUST FEEL IT. CHEERS.

    1 plate, 2 plates, 3 plates…. Victoria Cindry for Viruul's giant One Piece Collab. Cindry is the cutest zombie girl. You want to fight about it?!